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Make A Payment

Many of our Insurance Companies accept online payments. If you don't want to stop in or mail your payment take advantage of the online bill pay. Just click on your company's online payment link below.

Most of our companies also offer an automatic withdrawal for payments to come out of your checking account. Contact us for more information on this service.

Alfavision 1-877-384-7466
American Modern Ins. 1-800-543-2644
Anthem 1-800-777-6000
Auto Owners 1-800-288-8740
DairyLand Ins. 1-800-334-0090
Grange Ins. 1-800-425-1100
Kemi 1-800-640-5364
Kentucky Growers 1-800-589-3922
Ky National 1-800-432-9310
Progressive 1-800-274-4499
Safeco 1-800-330-3226
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